Nicolette Fine Jewels

Nicolette initially reached out to Y'all looking for edits to her existing WordPress site. Over the course of an initial consultation, we realized that her needs would be much better met through a more advanced ecommerce platform. Enter Shopify. Y'all fully rebuilt Nicolette's site, including rebranding her digital presence to match the evolution her design style had undergone since the initial site was created, to create a platform built to let her work shine, drive online sales, and make it easier than ever for her to manage inventory and fulfillment.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Shopify Development
  • Strategy
  • UX + Visual Design
  • Web Design

Beyond an aesthetic refresh that shifted to a modern design and minimalist approach, we added components to the site to give visitors stop-and-look moments. This included high-resolution videos of some of her best work, shop-the-look sections in which visitors can shop pieces straight from images of models showing off the jewelry, and dynamic icons that change based on piece availability.

The shift from WordPress to Shopify has significantly changed the way that Nicolette runs the business– allowing her time and space to focus on creating new pieces instead of fiddling with an overcomplicated backend system. With the move to Shopify, we set Nicolette up with customer retention tools, advanced inventory management (including managing pieces on consignment in stores across the country), and heatmapping for audience analysis. 

I cannot recommend the team at Y'all enough! They are thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and wizes at marketing and web design. They were able to take all of my detailed questions and ideas to create an efficient and beautiful ecommerce site, all while providing detailed tutorial reference videos I can and will use in the future. Thank you simply isn't enough!

Nicolette Kovacevich, Founder of Nicolette Fine Jewels